We manufacture and customize metal accessories for clothing, footwear and bags

Each accessory comes to life from our "style office" in synergy with our "modeling" that study, design and create, with 3D development programs, solids that allow the customer to see in real time the realization of the object.

The production process, after the design phase, passes to the CAM design and after a thorough study of the construction, the accessory is made with the help of the most innovative CNC numerical control machines or the latest generation of lathes.

Every single accessory is carefully checked in the smallest details and finished first manually, then mechanically, so that it can be passed to the Galvanic process that allows to apply layers of precious metal on the finished product to obtain the desired result.

Quality is the most important element for our company, always offering excellent raw materials.
All products undergo a rigorous quality control before leaving our premises and entering the world of fashion.